IPW:UK Super Scrum 2016 Results

, The Angel Centre, Tonbridge, Kent.

  1. Main Card
  2. IPW:UK Tag Team Title Match: DND (Duggan/Donnelly) (c) [11th defence] defeat Limited Edition (Sammon/Fleisch) via pinfall to retain!
  3. Nigel McGuiness is then introduced to the live crowd, and he's here to get to the bottom of the issues between Jonathan Windsor & Sexy Cupid!
  4. But, before anything can be resolved between the pair, T-Bone makes his IPW:UK return, attacking Windsor and aligning with Sexy Cupid!!!
  5. IPW:UK Women's Title Match: Pollanna defeats Jetta (c) [1st defence] via countout. Jetta therefore retains the title.
  6. The Super Scrum: Scott Star gets the deciding pinfall to defeat Nathan Cruz, Dave Mastiff, RJ Singh, Tom Dawkins, Zack Gibson, T-Bone and Jonny Storm and advance to June 5th's Scrum Winners Scrum!
  7. Grudge ReMatch: Chuck Mambo defeats TK Cooper in the rematch via pinfall!
  8. International Tag Team Match: War Machine (Rowe/Hansen) defeat The London Riots (Davis/Lynch) after backfired interference from Artemis, as she was stopped by Dean Ayass!
  9. After the match, Jon Ryan hit the ring and gave Artemis a PILEDRIVER - with Ayass saying now they'd taken out the trash, onto the business...
  10. Jimmy Havoc made his first appearance in IPW:UK since injury, telling Ayass he would NOT be wrestling & had NOT even brought the title belt!
  11. After back and forth between Ayass and Havoc, the champ revealed he had however brought a replacement to fight for him... 'The Righteous' Joseph Conners!
  12. IPW:UK World Title Match: Jon Ryan (w/ Ayass) defeats Joseph Conners (c) (w/ Havoc, 6th defence) via disqualification. Havoc retains the title.
  13. After the match however, with Havoc isolated, he's forced to agree to a title rematch with NO DISQUALIFICATIONS on May 15th @ The Tap N Tin!!
  14. 2/3 Falls, British Rounds All-England Title Match: 'Smooth' Sammy Smooth (c) [9th defence] defeats 'Mr. Smooth' Johnny Kidd 2 falls to 1 to retain the title.
  15. After the match, Johnny Kidd says that he was supposed to finish his career at the end of May... but Daniel Edler has asked he has one more match, June 5th.. and he agreed!
  16. Therefore, on June 5th it will be: Johnny Kidd & Doug Williams vs. James Mason & CHRIS HERO in an International Tag Team Match!