IPW:UK SuperShow 10 - Havoc vs. Carlito Results

, The Casino Rooms Nightclub, Blue Boar Lane, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1PD.

  1. Main Card
  2. 1 - The All-England Title Super Scrum: Earl Black Jr defeats Scott Star (c), Spud 2002, Adam Maxted, Sammy Smooth, El Phantasmo, Jon Windsor & Sid Scala by pinfall on Star to WIN the title!
  3. 2 - Singles Challenge Match: 'The Phoenix' Jody Fleisch defeated 'The Banker' Marc Lloyd, after Lloyd forcefully replaced his boss, Cuban Heat, in the match-up!
  4. 3 - Tag Team Rankings Match: The London Riots (Davis/Lynch) defeated The NAK (Gunn/Renfrew) via pinfall.
  5. 4 - IPW:UK World Title Match: Jimmy Havoc (c) [14th defence] defeats Carlito via pinfall.
  6. 5 - International Heavyweight Singles Match: Big Grizzly defeats Keith Lee via pass-out to a submission. After the match, Grizzly challenges any "FIGHTER" to a match Sep 17th!
  7. 6 - Partners Collide, One Time Ever: Match never starts - bout thrown out due to injury to Danny Duggan.
  8. 7 - The Main Event; Battle Royale 2017: Won by 'The Wonderkid' Jonny Storm, who entered at number 9, lastly eliminating Sammy Smooth, who entered at number 15!
  9. Storm now has any match of his choice for one calendar year! In addition, Earl Black JR was eliminated by Sid Scala, DND were eliminated by Smooth & Flex, and Havoc was eliminated by CARA NOIR!
  10. Our next event in Rochester is Supershow 11, the 13th Anniversary Show on Sunday September 17th - tickets on sale right now from the events link at the top of the page!