IPW:UK SuperShow #5 - Ospreay vs. Rhodes Results

, Casino Rooms Nightclub, Rochester, Kent.

  1. Before the event, promoter Daniel Edler declared that due to her contract status with another company, Mickie James was forced to vacate the women's title.
  2. Main Card - Filmed for FloSlam.tv
  3. Singles Challenge Match: 'Blackbelt' Tom Dawkins defeats Joseph Conners via pinfall.
  4. IPW:UK Women's Title Match: Pollyanna defeats Tennessee Honey to WIN the vacant Women's Title!
  5. Post-match, The Amazon comes to ringside and says she is cashing in her "any time" title shot against Pollyanna RIGHT NOW...
  6. IPW:UK Women's Title Match: Amazon defeats Pollyanna (c) via pinfall to WIN the title.
  7. All-England Title Match: Scott Star (c) [2nd defence] defeats Zack Gibson via pinfall to retain the title.
  8. International Singles Match: Cody Rhodes defeats Will Ospreay via pinfall in a first time encounter between the pair!
  9. International Singles Match: Matt Riddle defeats Zack Sabre Jr. via submission to the Bro-mission.
  10. IPW:UK Tag Team Title Match: The London Riots (James Davis & Rob Lynch) defeat The Swords Of Essex (Ospreay/Amazon) (c) and DND (Cieran Donnelly & Danny Duggan) to WIN the titles.
  11. IPW:UK World Title I Quit Match: Jimmy Havoc (c) defeats 'Smooth' Sammy Smooth after Smooth Quits in order to save Tennessee Honey from a horrid beating at the hands of Jimmy Havoc.
  12. However... as soon as Smooth had quit, Honey hugged Jimmy Havoc and showed it was all a ruse to cost Sammy the match!!!