IPW:UK Superstars of Wrestling Tour - Selsey Results

, The Bunn Leisure Centre, Selsey.

  1. International Singles Match: \'The Toughest Guy To Wear A Dress\' Vito defeated \'Hotshot\' Ricky Hype (w/ \'Gentleman\' Gilligan Gordon) via pinfall.
  2. Singles Match: \'The Human Hate Machine\' Dave Moralez defeated \'The Star Attraction\' Mark Haskins (w/ Gilligan Gordon) via pinfall after a Lariat.
  3. Singles Match: eXodus mauled T-Bone after a Chokeslam in under a minute.
  4. British Tag Title Match: The Thrillers (Basham/Redman w/ Gilligan Gordon) (c) defeated The Iron Lions (Simmonz/Tighe) via pinfall to retain the British Tag Titles after some interference from Gordon!
  5. Singles Match: Nick \'Oblivion\' Aldis defeated Marty Scurll via pinfall after the Spinning TKO.
  6. Singles Match: \'Black Jesus\' Sabian defeated Zack Sabre Jr via pinfall after a double stomp to the head.
  7. Main Event - Non-Title Match: Al Snow (w/ Head) defeated \'Irresistible\' Iestyn Rees (w/ \'Gentleman\' Gilligan Gordon) after a sunset flip. Gilligan Gordon tried to interfere, but it backfired as referee Chris Roberts saw it, stopped the interferenc