IPW:UK Swerved 2017 Results

, The Main Hall, White Oak Leisure Centre, Hilda May Avenue, Swanley, Kent, BR8 7BT.

  1. Main Card
  2. 1 - Tag Team Match: Storm & Fleisch defeat Flex & Smooth via pinfall after Flex stops Smooth using a chair to get the victory!
  3. Post-match, Fleisch and Storm applaud Adam 'Flex' Maxted for his decision not to cheat to win!
  4. 2 - All-England Title Match: Earl Black Jr (1) [1st defense] defeats Mike 'The Strike' Broly via referee stoppage due to knees and head strikes. Broly is helped to the back after the match by IPW crew and training mates.
  5. 3 - Non-Title NO DQ Match: Jimmy Havoc (IPW:UK World Champion) defeats 'Filthy Gorgeoous' Rob Sharpe (F!N Z-Force Champion) via pinfall.
  6. 4 - Women's Rankings Match: Chakara defeated 'The Poison Princess' Jayde via pinfall.
  7. 5 - International Singles Match: Josh "The Axe" Shooter demolishes "The Kid Without Fear" Danny Black via pinfall.
  8. 6 - Title vs. Title: Shane Strickland defeats Chris Ridgeway via DQ when the Souls of Smashmouth (Smooth/Castle/Howley) attack Strickland in ring at the end of the bout.
  9. Ridgeway, furious that his teammates had cost him his chance to win the CZW World Title, is then JUMPED by The SOS - but is saved by his opponent, Strickland (and a steel chair for backup!).
  10. No titles change hands, and it appears that Ridgeway (still F!N British Champion) is no longer one of the Souls of Smashmouth!