IPW:UK The June Show 2007 Results

, Orpington Halls, Orpington, Kent.

  1. "The Specialist" Mark Sloan defeated Paul Robinson via pin-fall in 7:10.
  2. The Kartel (Sha Samuels & Terry Frazier) defeated Jon Ryan & NOAH's Ippei Ota via pin-fall at 9:44.
  3. NOAH's Takeshi Rikioh defeated James Tighe via pin-fall after the Muso in 14:52.
  4. Martin Stone defeated "The Human Hate Machine" Dave Moralez via disqualification after 10:28.
  5. Marty Scurll defeated Blok Busta via submission at 12:22 in a hilarious contest.
  6. 6- IPW:UK Title Match: J.C. Thunder defeated L.T. Summers via pin-fall after the Thunderbolt in 19:14.