IPW:UK vs. The LSLL #3 - ft. Ultimo Dragon Results

, The Resistance Gallery, London.

  1. Luchadora Match: La Tigressa defeated Zombie Janie by arm submission.
  2. IPW vs. LSLL: Big Bear Barrington defeated Peace by pinfall.
  3. International Six Man Tag: Ultimo Dragon & The Bhangra Knights defeated The Heritage (Windsor & The Lavelles), Ultimo > Windsor with an Asai DDT!
  4. IPW vs. LSLL: Afro Diablo & Mark Haskins went to a no contest after interference from The Lavelles!
  5. BNC Round 2 & All-England Title Match: 'The Wonderkid' Jonny Storm defeated Zack Sabre Jr (c) via pinfall to become the NEW champion!
  6. Main Event: Retro Brian & The Fabulous Bakewell Boys defeated The New Firm (Samuels/Ryker/Davis) by pinfall after interference from LSLL coaches Burridge & Vanderhorne!