Live At Unit Nine - July 2018 Results

, Unit Nine, Bridgeturn Road, Milton Keynes.

  1. Bad Bones defeated Martin Kirby to qualify for the 2018 International Super 8
  2. Maverick Mayhew, Amir Jordan & Kurtis Chapman defeated Ashley Dunn, Andreas Corr & Chief Deputy Dunne
  3. James Castle defeated Cieran
  4. James Castle defeated Kip Sabian by disqualification after Sammy Smooth attacked Castle
  5. Chris Ridgeway defeated Naoki Tanizaki
  6. Rob Lynch and Doug Williams defeated Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins
  7. Xia Brookside Vs Bobbi Tyler was a no-contest after Tyler attacked Brookside before the match could start
  8. Jonny Storm defeated Jay Garner in a loser leaves IPW match!