Live At Unit Nine - June 2018 Results

, Unit Nine, Bridgeturn Road, Milton Keynes.

  1. Jay Garner & The Thrillers defeated Team Storm (Jonny Storm, Ashley Dunn & Andreas Corr)
  2. Xia Brookside defeated Kay Lee Ray to retain the IPW Women's Championship
  3. James Castle defeated Mike Bird & Fraser Thomas in a triple-threat match
  4. Kip Sabian defeated Joey Ryan
  5. Maverick Mayhew defeated Amir Jordan to become the new Z-Force Champion!
  6. Rob Lynch charged the ring causing an end to Mark Haskins & Jimmy Havoc Vs The Filthy Club. After the match The Thrillers also ran out, but ended up attacking The Filthy Club!
  7. David Starr defeated Chief Deputy Dunne