This Is IPW Results

, Unit Nine, Milton Keynes, MK12 5QL.

  1. Ashley Dunn defeated Jonny Storm to become the number one contenders to the Z-Force Championship
  2. Sha Samuels and Luke Phoenix defeated The Collective (Howley/Castle) after Cara Noir appeared at ringside and chased off The Collective’s Sammy Smooth!
  3. Jack Sexsmith defeated Darrell Allen
  4. Kip Sabian defeated Kurtis Chapman to retain the Z-Force Championship
  5. Cara Noir defeated Sammy Smooth by disqualification after The Collective ran in and attacked Noir.
  6. Mark Haskins defeated Simon Grimm
  7. After the match, Haskins went to assault Grimm with a chair. Sha Samuels ran out to grab the chair, and the pair went face to face ahead of their contest for the All-England Championship in March 18th!